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Jul 24, 2014 at 05:49 PM

SAP Screen Personas Performance in the real world


I've read the blogs, Personas are amazing the user does much less clicking, etc, but in the real world is anyone using this in production, for a widescale deployment?

I've tried this in my system and although it's cute, and at first people have fun clearing all the fields they never used, I felt the performance was severely lacking, and worst of all is that it inherits all the problems of SAP GUI for HTML, specfically bad formating. I don't use SAP GUI for HTML because some transactions don't work well in it, namely FBCJ, CV01N, etc. Do you feel this problem is fixed by Personas?

It's the same as NWBC, awesome, great, but when I try to use it in production... the consistency just isn't there. I need a reliable GUI and both NWBC and Personas crash one too many times.

Am I seeing this wrong? Are you succesfully using this in production?

Best regards