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Key figure selection

HI Gurus,

I'm looking at an issue and trying to find out the root cause and how to fix it, but no luck it. It does not seem to be complicated at all but i'm missing osmething  šŸ˜Š. can anyone help to throw some light on this issue

issue 1: After entering data into the planning book, the "Average Selling Price" key figure is automatically selected even when it's been manually deselected prior to entering or changing the data. we do not want the key figure average selling price to show up in the planning book especially after i have deselcted it becasue it makes the view cumbersome and very difficult to scroll down when there are lot of material numbers loaded into the planning book. Any help is greatly appreciated. the avereage selling price key figure is calculated through a macro. So not sure if this has any impact on why the key figure shows up in the planning book even after deselecting it the key figure selection button.

Issue 2: When selecting multiple product families within the header, no further drill down is possible without viewing the product design for all product families.  In other words, if we select family A and B and then select "Display All" under the product design level, all designs for all families explode instead of the two families A and B.  Additionally, if just one family is selected, even manually selecting the designs specific to these families still explodes the design level to all families and all designs.



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1 Answer

  • Jul 25, 2014 at 11:10 AM


    For issue 1:

    If you are trying to hide the Key figure through "Key Figure Selection" icon (on the right side of Planning book) then it will not work as the displayed key figures will change to default with every change in selection criteria.

    Use Maintain User Settings (Ctrl+F7) and then "Hide Key figures" tab to select the KFs which you want to hide irrespective of the selection criteria you specify in the Shuffler window.



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    • Hi Ravi i tried the user settings where i hid the KF average seeling price and it shows with a green light that it is going to remember my selection but when i get back to planning book, load the data and do details all on the APO product it brings back the average seeling price again.