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Former Member
Jul 24, 2014 at 03:04 PM

Internal Order Commitment/Actuals


Hi all,

I am writing regarding Internal Order budget.

As we know Internal order has 4 "dimensions" for Budget:

Total Budget



Available Quantity.

In the beginning Total Budget = Available Quantity, when PR is created the amount from Available quantity is moved to Commitment, but I am interested in the next step, when PO is created the amount still remains in the Commitment section or not? For example if PR is created on 10000 USD and then PO is created only on 5000 USD what does happen there? Does Commitment has total 1000 USD or only 5000 USD?

And finally when after making GR in PO, as I know GR amount is subtracted from Commitment and goes to Actual section, is that right?

Thanks you all for support in advance.