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Jul 24, 2014 at 08:42 AM

how to change logon page flavor


Hi all

We have a customer who would like to change the style of logon page, and the following screenshot it the one they want to modify.

For some reason , they cannot use Single-Sign-On and they think this logon page is ugly, so they want us to find a way to modify this page.

this is the logon page to Sap Screen Personas(an UI product based on WebGui).

here is my search:

At first, I thought that the logon page is located in the Personas' corresponding BSP pages in SE80, and if I found it, I could edit it. However, I did not find it there.

As a result , I doubt that this page is centrally maintained ,and not specific to any BSP applcations.

Am I guessing it right? and if it is , then where can I find it.




Capture.PNG (17.0 kB)