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Jul 24, 2014 at 07:37 AM

Lead Time Scheduling not taking available capacity into consideration


Dear PP Experts,

Please Provide your expert opinion on the lead time scheduling with Capacity Planning. I have llustrated the scenario below:

1. Work Center "X".. Capacity Tab -> Formula: SAPC04, Relevant for "Finite Scheduling" is ticked.Standard Available Capacity -> Start time: 08:00:00, Finish: 16:00:00. Cap Utilization rate = 100, No Overload. Capacity = 8 Hours Per Working Day -> O.K. Scheduling tab use the same formula -> SAPC04

2. In the Recipe use the above Work Center. Define Value for 1st Standard Value Key = 35 Hours

3. While creating Process order (Backward Scheduling) through COR1 we expect that the Order be scheduled for a Span of 4.375 Days (Total Time in Operation = 35 Hours /Capacity of the work Center = 8 Hours).

However the Order is being scheduled for a span of 1.46 Days (35 Hours/ 24 Hours).

By this we infer that it is not accounting for Capacity of 8 Hours in a Day instead it is considering 24 Hours in a Day although we have maintained "Finite Scheduling" in the capacity tab of the work center.

Could you please throw some light on this ?. How do we make sure that the scheduling happens taking Available capacity into account. We have also tried this through MRP route and we are getting the same result