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Jul 23, 2014 at 11:05 AM

How to update cost related condition type amount in sales order without disturbing other condition types.


Hi ,

How to updae only one item condition ZYV0 value in sales order. If I can see we have several options from pricing type to update condition types but here My requirement is to update only one condition amount .If I can see other pticing types they will update all condition types .

-Exclusive option is checked for all the tables maintained in access sequence,

Below options were not worked for me.

-In condition type ----> Condition category has been updated with "D"(Tax) pricing type-"G" to update in sales order

- This option worked for me but condition category "F"(frieght) and pricing type -H but in conditions tab when I update two condition amounts are activated for one condition type like below.

ZYV0--30 % (old condition record value updated in sales order)

ZYV0- 50% (updated condition record)