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Jul 22, 2014 at 08:28 PM

ARQ: What level of risk analysis is performed in Access Request???



I have a question/doubt which might look silly!

When we perform risk analysis in access request in "Risk Violation" Tab. May I know if I am correct in saying that this is "USER LEVEL" risk analysis?

Secondly, note#1638140 says:


The Impact Analysis type in Access Request risk analysis simulation is suppose to evaluate the HR org or position changes, which might have an impact on other users that are in the same org or assigned to the same positions. The Risk Analysis type is showing existing risks plus the risks if the new access in the request is added to the users or roles.


I am a bit confused with this statement. It says "if the new access in the request is added to the users or roles".

Can anybody please help me understand this?

Thirdly, if a request shows existing risks plus new risks if the new access (only 1 single role) in the request is added to a user, does such request qualify for "Violation Detour" and changes its path for the new role added?

Please advise.