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Jul 22, 2014 at 05:11 PM

ARQ: Multiple Approver Names are displayed in the same "New Work Item" Email Notification???



I am facing problem where in, a request has multiple roles assigned. Each role has different role owner like: Role1 has ROLE1-OWNER and Role2 has ROLE2-OWNER and when the request is submitted, it goes to the manager. This triggers an email notification which has only one name like:

Dear XYZ,

Once manager approves this, this will go to role owner stage. Here the application is triggering 2 email notification for each role owner. The strange this is that, This has both the role owners' names mentioned!

For example,

Role1-Owner receives:

Dear Role1-Owner, Role2-Owner,

<Mail Body>

Role2-Owner also receives the same email:

Dear Role1-Owner, Role2-Owner,

<Mail Body>

Here both role owners are receiving the same email notification with their names mentioned in it!

Ideally, Role1-Owner should have received like:

Dear Role1-Owner,

<Mail Body>

and Role2-Owner should have received like:



<Mail Body>

I dont have any clue why such multiple name are displayed in the notification.

Can anyone please help me?