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Jul 22, 2014 at 10:16 AM

Best way to implement particularly Bex query


Hi all,

we are on Hana 7.31 and we have a particularly request about Bex.

We have a DSO with the monthly income, the key are the ID (User ID) and 0calmonth, as ex

ID calmonth income

A1 012014 10000

A1 022014 10000

A1 032014 11000

A1 042014 12000

A1 052014 13000

The end user needs a new report. This report must show the monthly income selected with a normal end-user variable on 0calmonth and to compare this value with the income of another calmonth selected also with a end-user variable, as es:

variable 1 = 05.2014

variable 2 = 02.2014


ID Calmonth Actual income Past Income Difference

A1 05.2014 13000 10000 3000

I can imagine this is possibile only with a virtual kay figure or there is another vay to do it? The particular think is that the want to see all the data with the calmont value 05.2014 (Variable 1) also if the past income is on 02.2014 (Variable 2). It's easy to create a standard bex report with the actual income (deined on variable 1) and past income (on variable 2) but when we insert the calmonth in detail the system split the result in two different rows.