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Relation Between PA and MPOS

Hi Team, i have one basic question, for sap apo demand planning  all the master data is saved in mpos only characteristics  (back end cube) and all the keyfigure's are saved in planning area (times series data in live cache ) when we load data to planning book how is the data is reading  planning area and mpos displaying  ? how the planning area keyfigure values are co-related with mpos characteristics ? what is the logic behind this ?

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    Jul 22, 2014 at 05:33 AM

    Hi SCN,

    As you rightly mentioned about MPOS (this is nothing but a info cube), Planning Area is the storage place and have Key figures (storage containers) assigned to it.

    Now, when you create planning area you need to assign MPOS to it, that is where realtion between planning area and MPOS is established.

    Further refinement is done when you create Planning Book, you need to assign Planning Area to Planning Book, and since Planning area is already linked to MPOS to that way MPOS is also linked to Planning Book. Once this is done you are asked to assign Key Figures and Characteristics to Planning Book, this is to limit what all Key Figures and Characteristics you want to use in a particular Planning Book.

    Now out of all the Key Figures and Characteristics you have assigned to Planning Book, you can further refine the selection in Data View i.e. you can further limit the set of Key Figures and Characteristics in Data View.

    Once you are in Interactive Planning you need to create selection profiles, this is to limit what characteristics you want to plan in a specific selection.

    Hope this clears your doubts.



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    • Hi,

      As you already know MPOS is an infocube with all required characteristics.

      Now CVCs are Characteristic value combinations, for example PEN-HYD-BLR-BLR-HYD is a CVC (PEN is a char value for characteristic-PRODUCT)

      When you go to a planning Book, in shuffler if you select SHOW-PRODUCT-PEN and Location-HYD, it will check MPOS and finds that you have 2 combinations(1st and 2nd entry), but when you SHOW-PEN, only one entry will be displayed with aggregation (1st and 2nd entry combined together). If you want a detailed selection, like a unique entry, you can have specific entries in all the characteristics in the shuffler.

      Since this MPOS and Planning book is linked to the planning area, based on the keyfigures available in data view, it will collect info from LIve Cache and displays in your data view.