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Jul 19, 2014 at 09:29 AM

How to import BW 3.5 infocube data in to flat files


Hi All,

We are on BW 3.5. As per the requirement user wants Info cube data to be dumped in excel sheets. To achieve this we created infospoke in BW, but when i execute this info spoke, it is resulting in short dump stating memory issue, we checked with basis team and got update saying they have restrictions in increasing memory.other side this infocube contains huge historical data nearly 5 crore records only for four years (2004 to 2008). keeping this in mind, we tried giving selection at infospoke level on available time characteristics (0calyear, 0calquarter, 0calmonth), but again it is throwing same error.

We also changed destinations (DB table, File, application server) in info spoke, but all the cases we are facing same short dump.Can anybody give an idea how to download this huge data from the infocube. issue is become top priority now, as we need to complete this task in week duration.