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Jul 17, 2014 at 08:58 PM

IS-U-EDM Formulas - Automatic Asynchronous Calculation


Good morning,

I am trying to setup automatic asynchronous calculation of formula allocations. This is to enable calculations in general to be calculated automatically without having to manually compress triggers and schedule calculations for the vast majority if not all formula allocations.

I have referred to this document:

specifically the statement: "For an automatic asynchronous calculation, you can schedule periodic jobs."

It mentions that you can run auto asynch calcs as periodic jobs. As a result I scheduled the two main programs for compression and execution (REEDMFICALC_COMPRESS_TRIGGER and REEDMFICALCULATE) as steps in a periodic job that runs on the fourth business day of each month.

However as a result of scheduling either of these programs, this means that no user can interact with the transaction EEDMCALCWB to review calculation errors, change statuses or to do specific once-off synchronous calculations. I get the message EEDM_CALC_INST107 which states "Job is active or scheduled; you cannot change the calculation run".

My questions are:

- Is it actually possible to create automatic asynch calcs that can allow without users to interact with the calculation workbench without locking key functions as status changes and synchronous calculations?

- If the above is actually possible, how can this be done given the constraints I have described? Specifically the mere act of scheduling jobs with those program names.