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BadI /sapapo/sdp_fcst3 method parameter save

Hi, I need help implementing this BadI to store trend, basic and seasonal values in APO Key Figures.

I am using SCM7 EHP2 SP4.

The following steps were completed successfully:

  • Define 3 new key figures Z1 (trend value), Z2 (seasonal indexes), Z3 (basic value) and add these to my planning area,
    • The key figures settings will allow up to 3 decimals, zero is allowed, aggregation type N
    • The key figures were added in the data view used for statistical forecasting, and are opened for input/output for the whole planning area initialization period.

  • Create a zcustomer_table as suggested in note 394076

The customer must create their own table for this example with the

* following structure:

* pareaid          TYPE  /sapapo/ts_pareaid    Schlüsselfeld

* iobjnm_fcst      TYPE  /sapapo/krit1         Schlüsselfeld

* iobjnm_trend      TYPE  /sapapo/krit1

* iobjnm_season     TYPE  /sapapo/krit1

* iobjnm_base       TYPE  /sapapo/krit1

  • Create one single entry in my zcustomer_table with planning area id zpa1, statistical kf id z4, then trend z1, season z2, base z3

  • Implement badI /sapapo/sdp_fcst3
    • Create code based on example provided in note 394076


DATA: ls_data TYPE zcustomer_table.

SELECT SINGLE * FROM zcustomer_table INTO ls_data

WHERE pareaid = iv_pareaid

AND iobjnm_fcst = is_dp440g-kennz.

IF sy-subrc EQ 0.

   ev_trend = ls_data-iobjnm_trend.

   ev_season = ls_data-iobjnm_season.

   ev_base = ls_data-iobjnm_base.


   RAISE no_chance.



  • Activate badI

  • Since the forecast is not executed at the most detailed level, I have created an aggregate at the forecast level

When I execute a univariate forecast interactively or in background, then I save the results, the trend, seasonal indexes and basic values are not saved in my data view and kf.

Do you have any suggestions?


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1 Answer

  • Jul 17, 2014 at 06:18 PM

    Nevermind, I was able to solve it.

    My issue was related to aggregation type not working as expected. I modified the aggregation types to pro rata as I will never look at these key figures at any level than forecast level.

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