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APO SNP Network Heuristic does not work

Hello All,

following APO SNP locations and transportation Lanes are available and were the issue occurs:

1. Manufacturing Locations 1000 and 2300

2. Distribution Centers 2400 and 2500

3. TL 1000 -> 2400 and 1000->2500

4. TL 2300 -> 2400 and 2300->2500

PPM exists for the manufacturing location 1000 for the test material T-F201.

Planned Independent requirements were created in APO DP and released to SNP for Locations 1000, 2400 and 2500. Stock zero for all.

As soon as I want to execute the SNP Network Heuristic run for the test material in location 2400 or 2500 the distribution centers, I get following Message:

The system processed 4 location product(s)

Message no /SAPAPO/SNP131

System Response

The system has planned 4 location. At the same time the system created 0 (zero) SNP stock transfer and 0(zero) SNP Planned orders.

How it comes since I have no stock and only requirements and no STO or Planned orders gets created.

When I run the SNP Location Heuristic then yes I get entry elements, but then I have to do that location by location.

Can somebody please help and advice what I am missing here?

Thanks and Regards.

Bernd M. Hartmann

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2 Answers

  • Posted on Jul 17, 2014 at 03:01 PM

    Hi Bernd M. Hartmann,

    It seems you have two possible sources for DCs: 2400 and 2500. Try to do this:

    1- Check if the Procurement type is F for your test material in the Locations 2400 and 2500 and it is E or X in the Locations 1000 and 2300

    2- Check if the means of transport and valid dates of the T-Lanes:

            TL 1000 -> 2400 and 1000->2500

            TL 2300 -> 2400 and 2300->2500

    3- Check that you have a Valid PPM for SNP for your test material in Location 1000 and/or 2300

    4- RUN SNP. If the issue still occurs, try to create manually a requisition in RRP3 for you test material in location 2400 or 2500. Select the source 1000. If the Requisition could be saved, the everything seems to be correct, maybe you can try to force the source 1000 or 2300 using Quotas. Now you probably will get an error message, in this case tell me what is the error message.

    Thansk and Regards,

    Mariano Cabalen

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    • Former Member

      Hello Mariano,

      from 1 to 3 what you described in your email are available for the test material.

      The Quotation was missing and I have created it 40% coming from location 1000 and 60% from location 2300 when DCs 2400 and 2500 are requesting material from the manufacturing locations.

      Unfortunatelly SNP Network still don´t work, I get the same message as described previously, 0 transfer orders and 0 Planned orders.

      When I create it manually, entering a value to cover the demand on Distribution receipt planned key figure, a transfer purchase requisition gets created without problems, is that not strange?

      Anyway, thanks for the help.

      Best Regards.


  • Posted on Jul 18, 2014 at 10:26 AM

    Hi Bernd,

    As you have said,you are facing the problem only in network heuristics but not in location heuristics. This might be because of no LLC's found for that particular data.  Check from T-code /SAPAPO/SNPLLC. Click on Display results and find all your product-location combinations.

    You find something like this,

    Product                Location            Low-level Code

    T-F201                    2400                    0        

    T-F201                    2500                    0

    T-F201                    2300                    1        

    T-F201                    1001                    1

    '0' being highest priority then '1', '2' goes on.

    If you dont find these results, then I would suggest you to run T-code /SAPAPO/SNPLLC, low-level code determination, which is necessary for network heuristics(The low level code determines the order of locations in which the heuristics should run, meaning first heuristics should run for Customer and determines the total demand and passes the same to the connected Depots and then it goes from Depots to Manfacturing Location and subsequently then from Manfacturing Locations to Suppliers).

    Post run, you can use either interative planning or T-code /SAPAPO/SNP01 for running network heuristics.

    let me know,if you still find issues with network heuristics.


    Santosh KB.

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