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Dec 05, 2005 at 09:42 PM

How to close a HTTP session when a user closes the window



I am having problems when closing the browser of a BW web report. After I closed the browser by going File->close, I ran SM04 and found out the Plugin HTTP session hangs at the server side.

How can we terminate the Plugin HTTP session at the server side when user closes the internet browser?

I did implement a logoff function at my web template and this was implimented on the Menu page, if user clicks on the logoff, the Plugin HTTP session is terminated at server side correctly.

If user navigates to the other pages from the main page... then the logoff function was not implimented in the other pages. So many of the users are closing the windows directly. Eevn if we impliment logoff in all the subpages, As you know, 50% of time user will close the report by closing the internet browser instead of clicking the logoff. That leaves lots of hanging Plugin HTTP sessions at our server side.