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Dec 05, 2005 at 06:58 PM

Bean Storage Session Problem in HTMLB app with Multiple Controllers



I am coding a JSPDynPage application using multiple controllers. On initial login to the application, the PreBomRequestInbox controller ( is called, the data is stored in a PreBomRequestInbox bean (and the TableViewModel created). The initial login page has no trouble displaying the PreBomRequestInbox model on PreBomRequestInbox.jsp.

When an event is triggered by clicking on a button on PreBomRequestInbox.jsp, PreBomRequestHeader.jsp is displayed. However, the URL still shows that the PreBomRequestInbox controller is governing the events. I trigger another event within the PreBomRequestHeader page that causes a pop-up box to appear. The user then clicks a link within the pop-up which returns information to the PreBomRequestHeader page. The URL now shows that the PreBomRequestHeader controller is governing the events.

When I click on a Cancel button on PreBomRequestHeader.jsp, it kicks off an event to return to the PreBomRequestInbox.jsp page. However, the application is returning an error, which even though I store the PreBomRequestInbox bean in the session.

I am having trouble understanding how to properly design an HTMLB application with multiple controllers that will need access to different beans throughout the application.

Please help! I can e-mail the par file to anyone who will help me since it is too long to post here.