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Jul 16, 2014 at 10:14 AM

Consolidation without using LC or EC- CS modules



I am planning to have two company codes in SAP. Two company codes together are at present individual legal entity in the real world. The reason for planning for two company codes is that management plans to have a separate company for the other business. That is, one is a transport business and the other is a repair and maintenance business. Management plans to have repairs as a separate business.

So, now the question is if we create two separate company codes for a single legal entity ( at present) will the auditors question this ?

I believe company codes can also created from MIS point of view and both are separate kinds of businesses.

Second question- since at present both are single company businesses, how do I consolidate the financial statements of two company codes into one. As external financial statement has to be one and not two!

We can't use Consolidation modules. so please suggest how to configure this. We have same Operating Chart of accounts and One group chart of accounts and same fiscal year for both company codes.

How to handle the transactions that have happened between these two company codes.

Appreciate your kind responses 😊