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Jul 16, 2014 at 10:05 AM

Problem in MRP planning with user exit key


Hi All,

I have a requirement like this..

we have 1000 FG in our plant.. out of which they want to plan only 250 FG's through MRP run collectively...when they do MRP run system should plan only these 250 FG's and also down level materials ( components ) of these 250 FG's ..

So I proposed to use user exit key in MD01 screen by activating user exit M61X0001 and these 250 FG 's are identified with a separate MRP group in material master and developed enhancement..

But when I do MRP run in MD01 with this user exit key, system only planning those 250 FG's but not planning down level materials or components of these 250 FG's.. is this standard behavior.. can somebody guide me how solve this issue..