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Jul 16, 2014 at 07:47 AM

C4C: PDI - Advanced List Pane - issue with data retrieve / query


Hi Experts,

I would like to show a list of extended Opportunity Objects in a Custom-BOs TI-Screen. To achieve this I added an Advanced List Pane on my TI screen of the Custom BO.

Furthermore I realized the [0,n] association via in my Custom BO:


node OpportunityNode [0,n] {

element ItemID:ID;

association ToOppyNode to Opportunity;



My target is to fill to fill the Advanced List Pane based on an extension field on the Opportunity. I am not sure what the best way would be to realize this. Here my first approach and the disadvantages I faced with it. Maybe you can tell me, what to adjust or make totally different.

First Approach:

In a first approach/test I added an EventHandler (fired via on-click on the tab in the TI), which calls an Action that retrieves some Opportunities based on their ID (see attached Screenshot).

Disadvanteges / Issues:

As a result I can see in the debugging, that the opportunities are retrieved correctly, but only one row is shown in the Advanced List Pane. Additionally the UI switches into edit mode, even if I just want to display some opportunities. To realize the retrieve, based on my extension field on the Oppy I guess I would need to create a new retrieve method for the opportunity.

At this point I think, the way I took is maybe not the best/correct one. I am even not sure, if it is really required to add the [0,n] relation to my Custom BO because I saw the possibility on the TI screen to add Queries and fill DataLists with it. Is this maybe the solution I am looking for? Unfortunately I cannot find documentation on this in the PDI1405 Guide.

Can you give me an advice how to proceed best for this requirement?

Thanks and best regards