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Jul 15, 2014 at 10:40 PM

Updating multiple bank details for each vendor, through LSMW



We need to do a massive update on our vendors bank details, and I'm trying to do it via LSMW. I have two problems.

Each vendor may have several bank accounts. In XK02 they appear in a list, and in LSMW the bank detail fields are inside arrays (for example the bank key on first line would be LFBK-BANKL(0)), but I don't know on what lines are stored the banks I want to update. Is it possible to determine the index n° of the array (line number) just by reading the table LFBK ? I can't go into XK03 for every vendor to check at which line the bank details are stored.

Second, I don't know how to update a different line each time with a single batch input recording. When I record a LSMW batch input, I have to chose a specific field to update, which includes the line n°. How can I specify the line n° as a variable part of the data? Or alternatively, I could record the batch input to update enough lines for each vendor (say 5) and only provide data for the the lines to be updated, but I assume the lines without data would get deleted when the batch is run?

Please help.