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Jul 15, 2014 at 07:31 PM

Hello Expert


Need your input

I have scenario in which user will select value from screen which will capture in ABAP program and from ABAP it should come to my sap hana sqlscript calulation view or i guess may be it will come to sap hana sqlscript stored proceude as input so that I can filter my data in sql script calculation view

I am not sure how I can pass inserted value by user to my sqlcript calculation view.

as per example

in first screen user can select any value (from the list) . Then this value I have to pass to my sql script view so that my view can filter data on the basis of input by user , which will again display to user, now in the second screen again user will select one or more value now it has to pass to sql script calculation view so that my view can filter data and it can be thrown to screen

my challenge is how to pass input from user via abap to my sqlscript calculation view??

Please reply!!