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Jul 15, 2014 at 06:29 PM

Updating custom data on RECN


My company has added a custom tab to RECN. On this tab we update a custom table containing additional information related to a real estate contract. Everything seems to be working just fine except one little thing:

If I change some data on our new tab, then without saving I click the green back arrow I get a prompt to save or not. If I select to not save, it goes back and I can enter a different contract number. If I go back into either the same contract or even a different contract and save anything, it will save the change, but the change I made earlier and tried to cancel also happens.

When we do the updates on the new tab, the data is updated by calling a function module with the parameter "IN UPDATE TASK". As near as I can figure, answering "no" to that save prompt will make it not save, but apparently the changes I made are still waiting in that update task. It seems like saying "No" to the prompt should clear out all of those updates.

Any ideas how to deal with this?