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Jul 15, 2014 at 01:22 PM

BPM and UI5 interaction


Hi all,

I'm investigating how BPM human-centric tasks can be developed with UI5.

I've gone through the available excellent blogs, so I'm aware of the OData API exposed by BPM.

However I still have one major question:

For a number of reasons, I might need to deploy my UI5 application on a system other than the Process Engine itself, it might not even be a Netweaver server. In the official help I can see as a prerequisite:

The UI component you want to assign runs on the same Application Server Java (AS Java) as the Process Server, that is, where the process definition with the task is deployed.

Does this mean that I cannot use web application at arbitrary locations to create my human-centric BPM tasks?

Thanks, regards