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Jul 15, 2014 at 09:29 AM

adding a single field to CRM UI


Hi there,

I need some advise on how to add a custom field to the CRM UI as I am new to this. In my case I have a small table where for several transactions an additional information is stored. This piece of information should be displayed right beside the transaction id in CRM UI.

After reading some posts and guides I managed the creation of a new field in CRM UI, which I added in the UI configuration. I also see it in the attribute list of component AIC_INCIDENT_H.

Now, I need to add some code that reads my Z-table and puts the information to this field.

As I worked only with webdynpro so far, I am not sure how to achieve this...

I see some options like generate setter/getter methods in the attribute context menu but system tells me that processing is not possible as the attribute was not created with wizard (I created it within the configuration mode in CRM UI).

Can someone help?

Regards, Richard