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Jul 15, 2014 at 04:16 AM

Availability check in planning


Hi All,

We are using planning strategy 52 for our final product. We maintain PIR for our Finished goods. Our problem here is, due to insufficient component or lack of machine/labor, shop-floor didn't produce as much qty as per the Sales Order's qty with specific delivery date. Planner would expect, the sales person should adjust the SO delivery date based on material's next available date. After adjusting the delivery date, planner will re-run MRP to get the updated planning information to meet the customer requirement for delivery. Planner/Logistic person would like to know about the next availability of the material for delivery.

We maintain planning strategy as 52 for Finished Material

Maintain PIR for Finished material with Requirement type as VSE

Availability check as 02 for finished material

Requirement type in Sales Order is KSVS

Our requirement is more similar to this

What is the Sales Order ATP exception process for Strategy 52?

But, still not clear. Any suggestion please