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Former Member
Jul 14, 2014 at 05:47 PM

Search Help


I have an search help A with 3 fields ( 1,2,3) and another search help B with fields (4,5,6), Search help B is attached to data element of field 3 . The search help A is attached to screen 100 field F, and search help B is attached to another screen 200 field G.

when you click F4 on the field F ( Screen 100) , It show the fields 1,2,3. Then click field 3 (drop down) it calls search help B as it is attached. The Issue is with search help B for fields 4,5,6 won't show up the F4 functionality. And the same search help ( B ) is attached to screen 200 and called directly shows the dropdowns for 4,5,6. Is there any way to make the search help B show the dropdowns when called from Search help A ( not directly ) . Appreciate your time .