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Jul 14, 2014 at 01:42 PM

Add freight cost in a cross company code scenario using a costing sheet


Dear Forum,

I will like to add freight cost to a material using a costing sheet. The freight percentage is very easy to add and works fine when the cost is added in the company code costing. My problems start when I want to add the freight in the cross-company code costing. I want to setup a cross-company code costing where the freight cost is added to the material in the buying company code and not on the selling company code. The cross-company code costing is setup using special procurement costing keys.

In below costing (CK11N) the procurement costing key is not used.

From the itemization it is shown that purchase info.record 5300067643 is read and the price of 12,97 is determined. There is added 10% in freight coming from the costing sheet.

The freight is shown in the cost component structure as well.

The special procurement type is now changed from ‘20’ to ‘AT´ on the MRP2 screen in the material master. The procurement is now pointing to an internal plant called ‘DCN’.

The costing of material 105050 is now repeated. I get the expected result from changing the procurement key, as I can now see the material is sourced from plant ‘DCN’. DCN is sourcing the material from BJ07, but that is not relevant for the example.

If I now look at the itemization again on the costing in BGA1 I now see that the price is not coming from the info.record. It is the costing in DCN that is used.

I will still like to add the freight cost in BGA1.

How do I add freight cost in BGA1 when I at the same time want to have the costing to be taken from plant DCN?

Please let me know if you need additional information on the customizing setup of the system.

Best regards,

Kim Hjorth Poulsen


picture 1.png (7.8 kB)
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