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Jul 11, 2014 at 09:42 PM

Report Bursting with RESTful Web Services SDK



We are looking to upgrade to BI 4.x from BI 3.1. We are not sure whether RESTful Web Services SDK is the way to go. We have a requirement where we need to be able to refresh a report, save the whole report content to a specified forma for a team lead/manager, and then section/burst each report to separate files that each is corresponding to the individual employee. In other words, for example, we have a team constent of 1 manager and 4 employees. We want to save one report for the manager with all the content from the 4 employees, and then 4 individual reports that each belong to each employee. We current have a macro code that does this in BI 31 refreshing Deski reports. We want to upgrade to BI 4.X, but the Deski and macro are no longer supported. The macro in BI 3.1 we used to control when to refresh, where to save the reports and update our external datasource that the reports finished refreshing and available for view. We want to keep the same functionality so that it is not a whole redesign of the system when the upgrade happens. Thank you so much for your help. Any sample code, tips and guides are helpful. I am looking to prototype first before I can confirm this will work when upgrading. I have a code snippet in macro (VBA) from BI 3.1 in the attached file for reference if you know of the equivalent.