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Jul 11, 2014 at 04:52 PM

How to make Cost Center display/default at expense level in PR05


Dear Friends

I've a requirement in Travel Mgt where in PR05 at each expense line item level i need cost center to be displayed by default as 100%. Is there any possibility at the config level or Exit level to make it default.

Currently we are using a Exit: ZXTRVU03 for Cost center & Business area validation. where my client has given us a cost center ranges to make business area as default explicitly only for Travel Mgt. for ex: we have a Cost center range as 74001 - 74018 for this range the default business area for Travel Mgt must be 101 and for HR & FI it can be 101-110 any range. Based on that we have written a program using the Exit ZXTRVU03. Now the problem we are facing is in Master data the employee is falling under the above mentioned costcenter and HR has given a business area which falls under 101-110 (take example as 105)

Now the issue here is, based on the Master data, when we incur any expense in PR05, the Business area 105is coming by default for any of the expense. Now as per my client, this is wrong. It must be 101 at any cause. So, based on that we have made an enhancement that if user changes the Cost distribution to 100% or make the cost distribution with splits like 50% with home cost center & 50% with another cost center then only our enhancement gets triggered. But user is not satisfied with the solution provided, as we cannot expect users to change the cost distribution unless there is a split. So we are planning to pass a value in the cost distribution field as 100% ( as in std the field itself is blank, but still it denotes as 100%)

I hope the above screenshot makes it clear. Now instead of manally entering 100% to make the enhancement trigger, is there any possible solution where I pass the value as default 100% to make users life easier.

Note: we are not maintaining IT0017 for cost center, company code, Business area as we are reading this data through Master data.

Kindly provide me your valuable solutions.

Cheers 😉



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