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Jul 11, 2014 at 03:23 PM

Condition Syntax


Hello Guys,

In SAP Webi report ,I defined formula having conditional value

=If [V_IncDec_Value]>0 Then " High"

Else If [V_IncDec_Value]<0 Then "Low"

Else If [V_IncDec_Value]=0 Then "Stayed"

[V_IncDec_Value] has following possible values

a) +numbers ( ex- +780., + 67.98. +12827.30 )

b) -numbers ( ex- -70, -17.98. -187.30 )

c) 0

d) "N/A"

Type of variable "[V_IncDec_Value]" shown as Text if variable Edit box

Suppose i want Compare [V_IncDec_Value] with 0 only when [V_IncDec_Value] having numeric value .

So how can i do that . I am thinking to do it via Nested if or IsNumeric() function but not getting proper syntax .

Please assists me


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