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Jul 11, 2014 at 03:24 PM

BPC 10 NW/SP15 EPM Add-In - Data Hierarchy aggregation issue


Dear All,

We are using BPC 10 NW /CPMBPC 801/Level 0005 and EPM Add-In SP15 Patch1 - Experiencing data aggregation issues on some hierarchy intersections and only some months (attached the documents). If I drill down the hierarchy account level, then I can see base accounts underneath that that hierarchy and balances, but when I collapse the hierarchy, my totals are not correct on one intersection (have 2013.12, 2013.11, 2012.12 time dimension on the column and 2013.12 intersection is not aggregating correctly, whereas the other two are ok). It is very strange and happening only for few account hierarchies.

Any help is highly appreciated.