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Jul 11, 2014 at 12:26 PM

SF URL link opens in full window in SAP portal 7.4


Hi all,

we want to create a succes factors link as a URL iview in Portal. there is no SSO configured, we just want to access the link in Portal content area.

when we access the iview in Portal, the iview opening on top of portal page, not in Portal content area. This behaviour happening only wiith Success factors url link, is there any way to access the success factors link in Portal content area?

P.S: i checked with Other URL's with out any iview properties chage and they are opening in Portal content area.

- SSO & SAML are not activated so the URL link suggested in this document is not working in our scenario

- Portal Version 7.4

- Success factors URL which i am using (example)

please suggest how to open succes factors link in the portal content area of Portal? is there any other method for using the SF URL

thanks & regards,