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Jul 11, 2014 at 12:34 PM

NWBC - hiding/greying out buttons and OBN errors



I'm working with Environment, Health & Safety via NWBC, but having great trouble influencing the NWBC screens.

I am backend security proficient enough, however I cannot seems to figure out how the buttons on the NWBC side are controlled,

hidden or greyed out. They don't always match with the ACTVT fields that you have in your backend authorization roles.

Things such as Work Centres, the left side-panel/navigation menu I can control, that is not too difficult. What I want to know

is why sometimes buttons are greyed out in certain forms or screens and how I can authorization trace that. Almost nothing of

what is going on in NWBC or in dynamically created POWL screens leave any traces on SU53 authorization error reports.

Who has some good pointers on how to get more grip on NWBC behavior of mostly

- buttons (hiding, greying out)

- how to find the correct missing services


- other OBN errors ?