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Former Member
Jul 11, 2014 at 09:38 AM

Warnings in multiprovider


Hi Guys,

I am facing lot of warnings in multiprovider as "CMP problem occurred in characteristic G/L Account[0GL_ACCOUNT] for InfoProvider ZBPC_O03".

Here the issue is, 0CHRT_ACCTS is compounding attribute of 0GL_ACCOUNT. 0GL_ACCOUNT is not present in infocube ZBPC_O03 whereas its compounding attribute 0CHRT_ACCTS is present in the cube.

Thus 0CHRT_ACCTS is identify/assigned at multiprovider, but the main attribute 0GL_ACCOUNT is not present for this cube, thus not assigned for this cube. Hence giving this warning.

Can anyone of you suggest me better solution to remove this warning ?

As of now, I can think of adding 0GL_ACCOUNT in this cube ZBPC_O03. but this cannot be ideal solution as I am getting warning for 56 objects and adding all of them to respective cubes is not an good idea.

**** P.S : This is not the error and report can be still run on this MP. But eliminating these warning will improve the performance of query in our enviornment of HANA.

Its will be really great and thankful if you could help me out with this.