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Jul 11, 2014 at 05:41 AM

Idoc segments are missing at Accounting Document (WPER)


Hi ABAP Experts!

At Sender System (POS DM) and Receiver System (ECC), Idoc is successfully generated with 144 Segments.

Note: 1. Both at sender and receiver, status is in green color, status 03 to 53.

2. All the segments are filling with values, they are not empty.

Now in Receiver System ECC, at WPER transaction, documents processed with Billing Document Number and Accounting Document Number.

Now at Receiver system ECC, out of 144 segments, I can find only 48 segments inside Accounting Document Number.

Very few Idocs have this type of issues.

What about the rest of the segments, suggest me the solution.

PFA Below.

With Regards,



Capture4.JPG (47.8 kB)
Capture3.JPG (30.5 kB)
Capture2.JPG (66.7 kB)