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Former Member
Jul 10, 2014 at 09:30 PM

Maintainance tasks for language package installed


Hi All,

May I ask inputs regarding installing language package. Basically, below are my questions.

- Are there any maintainance activities required following installation of a language package in the system?

- Are there any annual support packs for language packages?

- Say our ECC is EHP5 and we installed new language in our system, then we upgraded the same system to EHP6. Are there any activities that needs to be performed because of the upgrade even if the language is already installed in the system prior to the upgrade?

- Do difference in language installed in the systems affect the copied xml file during upgrade? Meaning, say we have dev and QA ecc system. We created stack file for dev for the ehp6 upgrade. Using that stack xml, upgrade dev system. Then a decision is made to install new language in the system. Thus it is installed in upgrade dev, and not upgraded QA. Now, we copy the stack xml file use in dev to be converted for QA. Would there impact on the upgrade process?

I would appreciate your inputs on the queries. Thanks.