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Jul 10, 2014 at 04:15 PM

SAP support for country-specific legal requirements


Just wondering if anyone could clarify how does SAP support work for the country-specific legal requirements. I'm sure in every country some new laws come to life regularly that affect the SAP customers and their ERP systems.

Case in point - on July 1st Mexican authority SAT decided to ask businesses to send them some XML files with some GL account information ('Anexo 24' - see the announcement in Spanish here). The deadline for the first file submission is October 2014.

This clearly affects every single SAP customer in the whole Mexico, as well as potentially many North America customers who have manufacturing facilities there. So would it be reasonable to expect SAP to come up with some standard solution? XML file extraction doesn't seem to be incredibly complex to me (although I might be off).

Another question - how would the customers know that SAP is aware of new laws and is taking some action? Could there be an announcement posted somewhere? There is a website for SAP Latin Americabut the latest announcement there is from June and nothing else is on the home page except for the HANA ads. (My Spanish is limited to "dos cervezas por favor", sorry if I missed something.)

In absence of such communication, naturally, the only option the individual customers have is to send a message to SAP. And that's where SAP replies with a copy/paste text (we got the same exact response as another SCN member here):

Feel free to maintain this incident opened, but contact us in the next three weeks, then we will be able to confirm if this legal requirement will be supported by SAP.

I'm confused - "IF"?! This is a legal requirement, there is no "if" for the business. Let's see if I got it right - we wait for 3 weeks, then SAP decides "nah, not gonna support that" (by the way, why is it on the customers to contact support again?) and every SAP customer in the whole country will have to scramble their own resources or pay for consulting (on top of SAP maintenance fees) to deliver the same exact set of programs on their own in under 2 months?

It could've been just an unfortunate choice of verbiage by Global Support, but I'm curious - is this really how the support for legal requirements supposed to work?

Thank you.