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Jul 10, 2014 at 01:37 PM

Profit Ctr derivation for under payment auto posting in F-28



I'm trying to apply a customer short payment to an open AR invoice in F-28. We have a 10% tolerance so the invoice is being cleared and remainder booked to the underpayment account. However, this is a revenue series accounts and requires a profit center but SAP is not able to derive the profit center for this account. I was expecting it to find the same profit center that was booked on the AR line of the invoice after splitting.

So, here is the process.

When Billing/AR invoice is posted in SAP either via the billing document in SD or directly in FI, SAP books the following posting.

Debit Customer/AR (No Profit Center at the time of posting)(Entry view)

Credit Revenue (Profit Center is a required field and populated either from the Billing Doc. material or manually in FI)

When this invoice above is saved, new GL Splitting functionality stamps the profit center from the Revenue line on to the Customer Line, so user will see the following. Note that this functionality is working fine.

Debit Customer (Profit Center from the Revenue Line)(GL View)

Credit Revenue (Profit Center from Billing Doc)

When the incoming cash is applied to the customer invoice above in F-28, if the Tolerances are setup, SAP books the following entry.

Debit Cash/Bank (No Profit Center)

Debit Under Payment (No Profit Center)

Credit Customer (Profit Center from the invoice)(GL View)

Now, when splitting process is done, I am expecting the profit center from the AR line(derived from the original invoice) to be stamped to the Underpayment and Bank Account lines but that is not happening.

I don't want to setup defaults in FAGL3KEH or specify profit center manually as short pay should go back to the same profit center that the invoice was generated in.

Any suggestions or pointers are greatly appreciated.

Thanks much for your time