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Jul 10, 2014 at 08:44 AM

Receiver Port in incoming IDoc in ECC


Hi all,

I have a SNC scenario which is like this SNC (Proxy) --> PI --> ECC (IDoc) on PI 7.4 AEX

The process works fine, IDocs are received at ECC so I don't have an actual problem. Asking out of curiosity.

The received IDoc in ECC does have the following control record data:

receiver port = SAP<ECC SID>

receiver partner number = <ECC Logical System>

receiver party type = LS

sender port = SAP<SNC SID>

sender partner number = <SNC Logical System>

sender party type = LS

In PI the receiver IDoc adapter is configured as follows:

RFC Client Parameters = Default

Control Record in IDoc XML = Not Mandatory

Apply Control Records from Paylod = not checked

Apply Sender from Payload = not checked

Apply Receiver from Payload = not checked

No Header Mapping configured

=> I know that the receiver partner number and sender partner number get derived from SLD data of the business systems of ECC and SNC. But what about the port? Is it always just like "SAP<SID>" if not specified in else in EDI_DC40 record? I found this about control record fields but don't find it very clear in terms of what is filled in in SNDPOR and RCVPOR The Control Record Fields of the IDoc Adapter (AAE) - Advanced Adapter Engine - SAP Library

Could anybody shed some light on this?

Many thanks