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Jul 10, 2014 at 07:50 AM

Conversion File Help


Hi everyone,

I have run into a problem when I try to upload data using transformation and conversion file. New accounts were added and mapped to BPC accounts in one of my conversion files, However when I ran data validation on the conversion file I get the following two errors only for the new accounts added (the rest of the records are accepted):

1. Dimension: FLOW member: CYA_YTD_151150_COS is invalid or is a calculated member

2. Dimension: ACCOUNT member: CYA_YTD_151550_COS is invalid or is a calculated member

It is only for the new accounts I mapped and I am 100% sure the BPC accounts I have mapped to are not calculated members. I am also 100% sure the accounts from the flat data file (e.g. CYA_YTD_151150_COS) are 100% the same. Anyone familiar with this issue?