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Dec 05, 2005 at 03:19 AM

Help needed!


Hi every1,

Can anyone please help me with this..I am practising LO extraction.

Till now with the help of pdf350 Leson:LO Customizing Cockpit.

I created extract structure,datasource.Now,the problem i am facing is i am not able to find my datasource in E13CLIENT800.This is what i did so far:

1.rsa1 >context menu(T90CLNT090) >Customizing for Extractors.

2.Selected Information Structure S523.(which was available but had no LIS environment setup )

3.result said LIS envir..not setup,,Infosource 2LIS_02_S523 not generated.

4.I set up LIS environment and generated datasource for the information structure i created.

Now the problem arises.It says go to rsa1 >context menu(T90CLNT090) >Datasource Overview >context menu on Apllication component MM(not MM-IO) >Replicate datasources.

I did till right clicking on T90CLNT090 and selected datasource overview. but i didnt find any application component for MM neither i found my datasource name when i searched.

Can anyone help me regarding this please?