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Jul 09, 2014 at 09:01 PM

Replenishment From SU Managed Bulk Storage Type


Hi Experts,

We are trying to implement Immediate TO Creation Random Bin Management from a SU Managed Bulk Storage Type.

Our scenario is the following:

  • We have a SU Managed Bulk Stype: Stype 702
  • We have a SU Managed Stype with Putaway Strategy "P": Stype 701
  • We have material 11000026 and we define the following in WM View 2:
    • Max Qt: 6000
    • Min Qt: 2000
    • Replenishment Qt: 3000

Whenever a delivery TO from 701 is confirmed, and the stock level of material 11000026 in SType 701 drops below the Min. Qt, we need the system to immediately generate a replenishment TO: 3000 kg from Source SType 702 to Destination SType 701.

So far we have done the following:

  • Created a WM.Mov.Type 721, for which Manual TO creation is not allowed and with Ref.Stor.type Search 721.
  • We defined Replenishment Control for SType 701: with Replenishment Mov.Type 721 and Replenishment Technique 2.
  • Created SType Indicator with Operation A and Ref.Stor.type Search 721; in the sequence the first and only SType is Stype 702.
  • We assigned the SType Indicator to Material in WM View 1.

Whenever we actually confirm a delivery TO from 701 and the stock level drops below the min Qt., the system is not generating the immediate TO. What is the correct configuration or how can I achieve our request?

(The configuration described above works perfectly between STypes that have both the same Putaway Strategy, "P")

Thank you,

Leonidas Oyaga