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Jul 09, 2014 at 07:23 PM

SP parameters order


Hi! I have a report that works fine in designer, but when used in a web app, the parameters are sent in the wrong order to the stored procedure. I can see with SQL profiler that the parameters returned by sp_procedure_params_90_rowset have the right position. I can see in the designer that the ordering is ok (even when I change doesn't change the order the params are sent to the SP).

I'm running on All other reports we have are fine. I tried the broken report with OLEDB or native and that didn't change anything.

I'm running out of things to try. Anyone had that issue before ? How did you solve it?

SP signature is :

ALTER procedure [dbo].[spr_GetOTSales_stores_compare]

@store_id int=0,

@period_no int=0,

@language_cl varchar(8)='ENGLISH'



Profiler logs this from CR:

exec "OTRHP"."dbo"."spr_GetOTSales_stores_compare";1 'ENGLISH', 201406, 0

which gives

Error converting data type varchar to int.

that CR reports as Database Connector Error [Database Vendor Code: 8114]