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Jul 09, 2014 at 12:17 PM

eRec Requisition form / infotypes - Enhance or create from scratch


Hi All,

We are planning to develop requestion form for our client,

when we looked the standard "create requisition" form from portal or WDA application, there are only very few fields are usable for client, and have to add around 15-20 fields, that are not present in standard form.

there are many fields which are not present in standard, eg:

no. of posts for men,

no. of posts for women,

if the post is temporaty, who is the coordinator,

class of service,

age limit relaxation, if physically handicapped,

special category status if any,


what could be better approach, is to enhance the 5125 infotype, and the WDA application,

or should we create completely new requisition foom using zWDA application from scratch

shall we use ztables instead of eRec standarda infotypes.

incase if we want to enhance standard objects, what all infotypes, badis, WDAs we need to enhance.

thanks in advance.



erec1.jpg (78.8 kB)