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Irregular performance BAPI_BUS2175_SET_STATUS

So, we've created several gateway services that do some operations on PPM stuff (projects, phases, tasks,..).

And, things are working ok, if it were not for the (completely) irregular performance when we modify a task status by calling BAPI_BUS2175_SET_STATUS. Basically, sometimes the bapi takes 10 secs to modify one task, and on other moments it takes less than a second to save several.

The oData service is stateless, so I would expect that if some buffering were to be the cause, then that buffering would take place at each request.. not?

We've ran a test-program that used the bapi to modify the same task every ten minutes or so, and even then the duration remained irregular..

As is I'm a bit out of ideas, does anyone of you have encountered a similar issue? Or have any suggestions or solutions?

Thanks in advance,


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2 Answers

  • Feb 01, 2017 at 09:46 AM

    Hello Patrick,

    Different performance between different tasks could be caused by peculiarities in the affected tasks/projects (e.g. the number of assigned roles/resources). However you have written that such significant performance differences can also occur when using the BAPI for the same task, which suggests to me two possibilities:

    - either the issue is not on application side (but rather in the general system performance). In this case your SAP Basis team should be able to help.

    - or something different is happening in the application when you run the BAPI repeatedly for the same task. This is just one possibility which I can think of: when you run the BAPI one time it could take longer because also the status of some other project elements is being affected, whereas when you run it another time it could take less because only the status of this task needs to be changed (as the other project elements already have the relevant status from the previous time you ran the BAPI).

    To find out which is the case, I would recommend that you run the BAPI several times (via a test sequence in SE37 or by running your own program in dialog mode) and pull a performance trace each time (transaction ST12). If you observe differences in performance, comparing the traces should allow you to find out the cause of the different runtimes.



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  • Feb 07, 2017 at 07:58 AM

    Hey Francesco,

    I'll go back to digging through them trace files once more. Thanks for the ideas!



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