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Jul 09, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Multilevel subcontracting LO_MM_OM_2 does not work...


Hello all,

I am experiencing difficulty getting the Multilevel subcontracting functionality up and running.

The Business Function LO_MM_OM_2 is activated and I have customized a Special procurement key 99 in which the Procurement key = F, the Special procurment is L, and the Multilevel subcontracting indicator (V460A-MLSCR) is ticked.

Next I have created two Materials (TEST1, TEST2) both with Procurement key F and Special procurement key 99.

A third Item I created is TEST3 with only a Procurement key F in it.

The BOM is: 1 PC of TEST1 consists of 1 PC of TEST2, and 1 PC of TEST2 consists of 1 PC of TEST3.

Subcontracting Infor ecords and Source lists with fixed Vendors and MRP relevance, all maintained.

Now when I run MRP and a Purchase requisition is created for Material TEST2, nothing special (other than normal) is visible in the Purchase requisiton with regards to the Multilevel subcontracting functionality..
According to the documentation, I should be able to see where the Material TEST2 should go (to the next subcontractor that will make TEST1 out of TEST2).

I ran report RM_MLSC_TRIGGER_MLSC_MRP for the Purchase requisitions in question, but I get the message '06158 No documents found for this selection..'

Also, when I manually create a Purchase requistion for TEST2, nothing happens other than normal.

Does anyone have a clue how I can solve this?

And is ther more documentation out there apart from the one in which is very limited.

Thanks in advance for any clues.

Kind regards,

Bart Jongen