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Jul 09, 2014 at 08:44 AM

Sending email with CL_BCS


Hi all,

I use the the class CL_BCS for sending email from Abap. There is no pb, it is working well.

I now have a request from my customer to have the sender set to a global team address, but also mentionning the person who triggered the email using the "from" field.

In outlook this would make the sender as shown in the attached file "using the from field.jpg" (It's in french, note that "de la part de" means "on behalf of").

I have checked the class CL_SEND_REQUEST_BCS, where such option could be set, but I can't find it. My opinion is that it is not possible to do that with SAP, although it is possible to do it in Micorsoft Exchange RFC calls.

Is there an option that I haven't seen, or another way of sending email, that could allow me to do this ?

Any help would be appreciated,