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Jul 09, 2014 at 07:51 AM

Problem in displaying Total No.of Lines in ALV report header.


Hi guys,

my field symbol internal table is having records in which "Compliance" field is having YES or NO values. now requirement is to display

Total No. of Compliances which are having YES.

lets say, internal table is having 10 lines. in which compliance field is having 6 YES and 4 No respective values .

now i want to display header as No. of Compliances : 6

following is my code to display Total no.of lines in internal tables.

* total no. of records selected

DESCRIBE TABLE <table> LINES ld_lines.

ld_linesc = ld_lines.

CONCATENATE text-004 ld_linesc

INTO t_line SEPARATED BY space.

wa_header-typ = 'A'.

wa_header-info = t_line.

APPEND wa_header TO t_header.

CLEAR: wa_header, t_line,ld_lines, ld_linesc .

My data is there in Field-Symbol table.

Now i want to display No.of compliances . could anybody please help me out in this.

Thanks in Advance.