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Jul 09, 2014 at 06:20 AM

Payroll Regular and ofcy


Hi All,

Requirement :

We have 5 company codes (5 different companies in one system), for one company (only for One company) Clinet requireent is to Post regulat Payroll to GL and Offcycle PY to Vendor ac, also this set up shoul dnpt impact other 4 companies/company codes.

- current Payroll posting is based on GL (not vendor posting) for all 5 companies.

Is there any standerd way to handle this in HR- FI integration .


If we Use sepearte EE group in PPMOD and assign /557 to vendor and GL payment wil it work out , when I tried it is getting balancing error.

(here we will bring all ofcycles to /557 through a config in ofcy) .

Is there any other way without impacting aother companies posting set up .

Resolution :

wil lmaintain /555 to vendor ac so that all cash payments(irrespective of all company codes) post against vendor ac.

but this wil limpact other 4 comapnies.

apprpeciate immediate response

SK .