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Jul 08, 2014 at 09:09 PM

submitonEnter is not working in safari



I have a BSP application which follows MVC pattern and in view I have Htmlb input field code which has submitonEnter="X". If user enters the value and hit Enter button it should go to DO Handle Event. This perfectly works in IE. But in Safari and Chrome its not working.

Can anyone help how to achieve hit Enter function for an HTMLB Inputfield for Chrome anf Safari browser.

Please find the code:

<htmlb:label for = "report_by"

tooltip = "<%= lwa_help-field_text %>"

text = "Reported By:UNIX id:"

required = "TRUE" />


<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex = "2"

rowIndex = "1"

width = "100"

wrapping = "FALSE" >

<htmlb:inputField id = "report_by"

value = "<%= controller->v_report_by %>"

maxlength = "12"


size = "20"


Thanks much in advance.